Hearing Tests

We provide a comprehensive battery of hearing evaluations and testing services for adults and children.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are a solution to a problem that millions of Americans face every single day; the inability to hear what they want to hear.


Regardless of your child’s age, there are safe, effective and accurate tests that can be used to determine how well your child hears.


Tinnitus is extremely common – nearly 36 million Americans have tinnitus.  More than half of the normal population has intermittent tinnitus.

What Makes Our Office Unique?

We offer services and quality care second to none.

  • Repair Service

    We recommend returning periodically for service to keep your hearing aids in peak working condition.  If needed, many repairs can be done on site.

  • Assistive Listening Devices

    Assistive listening devices (ALDs) refer to various types of amplification equipment designed to improve communication when individual hearing instruments are not enough.

  • Custom Ear Molds

    Sometimes one size fits all ear molds don’t fit.  A custom fit provides increased comfort and improved protection.  We offer specialized ear molds for hunters, workers, musicians and swimmers.

  • Aural Rehabilitation

    We provide different types of therapies to patient’s who are hard of hearing and implement different amplification devices to aid our patient’s hearing abilities.

  • Expert Witness Testimony

    Our professionals are hired to provide reports on hearing, hearing disorders, and hearing loss or expert witness testimony regarding an assessment of hearing, and hearing tests, as well as related issues.

  • Case Reviewing

    Hearing loss can occur as a result of any type of accident or injury impacting your ability to work or engage in hobbies and activities.  You may be referred for testing to help to determine the nature of the loss.

  • Worker’s Compensation Cases

    If you or someone you know is suffering from work-related hearing loss in one ear or both, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have a question about your hearing, you’re not alone. Current estimates place the number of hearing impaired adults in the Unites States at just over 37 million.

Our Mission

We will provide every patient with the best possible care. All diagnostic testing is done using the latest technology in hearing and balance healthcare. If you are a good candidate and would benefit from treatment, we will discuss several options for improving your hearing. We work with the latest in hearing aid technology, including the Lyric hearing aid, and each fitting is custom designed for the patient’s individual hearing prescription. If, after our best efforts, the patient is not completely satisfied with their hearing aid(s) within 30 days, they can be returned or exchanged at no cost.